A Colorado Company

We are located in Golden, CO.

You can visit our facility and actually see your cabinets being made. Should you ever need service or wish for additional cabinets in your home, we are a few minutes away. We have been around for 19 years and take pride in being a family-owned business, helping our local economy, and providing jobs for Coloradans.

Full Service

Distinctive Design is a custom cabinet manufacturer in Colorado with over 19 years in services covering the full cabinetry process, including design, manufacturing, finishing, and delivery. Our job is to help you avoid those painful headaches, if there is a problem, we are local and can fix it right away.

Excellent Value

We offer premium custom cabinetry at very competitive pricing. This is achieved by our very unique approach: our production facility allows us to be efficient and effective while crafting a fully custom product. Our typical week includes the design, manufacturing and delivery of multiple custom projects.

Unlimited Choice

We offer all types of cabinet construction including Standard Overlay, Full Overlay, Inset, and Frameless. These choices, combined with over 20 different standard door styles and virtually infinite custom door options, means that we can provide countless cabinetry options. When you work with Distinctive Design there is no need for compromise. You get just the right cabinet style you need for making your dream project a reality.

We would love to work with you. Contact us for a quote on your current or upcoming projects.