MIRLUX Smooth Surface

High Gloss Panels

Super Matte Panels

MIRLUX High Matte

MIRLUX SMOOTH SURFACE with its sleek, modern surface, available in high gloss or super matte finish with a color richness with depth and clarity, is a sustainable, low maintenance, durable, and scratch resistant solution for kitchen and bath cabinets, interior casework, closets, furniture, wall panels, retail fixtures and displays, and other vertical applications. Read More

Stevens Textured Melamine

Ashland Collection

Artika & rain

Legno Collection


STEVENS TEXTURED MELAMINE is a reliable source of high quality engineered surfaces. We proudly use their 100% naturally recycled product. Stevens Wood is also an American manufacturer that is a 100% employee-owned company!   Read More

Salt Textured Melamine




SALT TEXTURED MELAMINE is a Miami based company committed to bringing Italian style and innovative technologies to a competitive market. Using expert knowledge from direct experience with our wide range of products we find the best solution to make our customers visions a reality.  Read More

Paint And Stained Doors

For the past 20 years DDesigns has applied literally thousands of different paint and stain colors to our products at our own facility.  We have the ability to mix any custom paint or stain combination.  When it comes to stained finishes we take no short cuts.  We hand select the highest stain grade wood available to the market.  DDesigns uses only top grade wood products resulting in a grain pattern being more naturally consistent leaving a more richer, vibrant stain color with a deeper visual depth.  This is just one of many differences between DDesigns and our competitors.  Typically “the other manufacturers” use a lower grade wood then conceal the imperfections with a more opaque stain and toner. This results in losing the uniqueness of the grain patterns leaving a finish with a dull, “Muddy” appearance.  As for our painted surfaces,  we go the extra mile to make sure that the door finish is also top notch.  We start by applying the first sealer coat followed by several layers of vinyl paint to help protect the wood from any possible moisture damage.  We then finish off the stain or paint with a final layer of clear protective finish leaving the feel of the finish similar to that of a brand new car.